The Challenges of Supporting Children and Families During the Risk of COVID-19

The Challenges of Supporting Children and Families During the Risk of COVID-19 presented by David Love, MFT, hosted by Child Abuse Training and Technical Assistance Center (CATTA) This webinar will discuss the challenges we currently face in assisting children and families during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to support families in developing routines and habits

North State Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) VIRTUAL Summit

Please join the Northern ACEs Collaborative (NAC), a division of the Population Health Innovation Lab  (PHIL), a program of the Public Health Institute, at the first North State Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) VIRTUAL Summit!  The virtual summit will host online presentations and breakout sessions led by experts to address the following objectives: Raise awareness of

Embrace Race: Building Solidarity among Black & Latinx Kids & Families

In the United States, we tend to think of race relations as something that happens between “White people” and “people of color.” But racialized dynamics happen among and between Black and Indigenous people, and People of Color as well - and the templates for those relationships often are established when our children are young. Register

Chico State: EDXCHICO

EDXCHICO, an annual showcase where everyone gets energized and excited about the joy of learning, will be held on October 9 beginning at 9am as part of Alumni and Family Weekend! The livestream will be available through the Chico State livestream page and Facebook! Every fall semester, some of our exceptional faculty from the seven

CAEYC: Supporting a Child’s Development During Difficult Times

California Association for the Education of Young Children: Supporting a Child’s Development During Difficult Times As we know, a child’s development can be impacted by many things; toxic stress can hinder development just as the presence of a reliable adult can support it. Currently we, as a community, nation, and world, are facing stressors that are

Using Books to Engage Young Children in Talk about Race & Justice

If we are serious about raising inclusive, empathetic children who are able to think critically and compassionately about race and racial justice, the conversations have to start early. Our guests Aija Simmons, Sara Rizik-Baer, and Savitha Moorthy describe Mirrors, Windows, and Glass Doors*, a community-focused effort from Tandem, Partners in Early Learning that uses children’s

In the Midst of Plenty: Homelessness and What to Do About It

"In the Midst of Plenty: Homelessness and What to Do About It" is a new book by Dr. Marybeth Shinn (Vanderbilt University) and Dr. Jill Khadduri (Abt Associates) that argues that recent studies show how to prevent and end homelessness if we have the political will to do so. Join Drs. Shinn and Khadduri for

Nurturing Resilience and Joy in/among Young BIPOC Children

U.S. society is too often unkind to Black and Indigenous children and children of color (BIPOC children), raising the risk that these children learn to be unkind to themselves and each other. If we are to raise a generation of BIPOC children who fully recognize their own humanity, and that of their peers within and

Exploring Child Welfare and Domestic Violence

This 4-Part Series will explore how domestic violence presents itself in various circumstances, and how child welfare issues can co-occur. About this Event Co-hosted with the LA County Domestic Violence Council and Generously Funded by the Van Nuys Charities and Blue Shield Foundation of CA. Sessions will be co-moderated by Eve Sheedy, Executive Director of