The Research Team

Courtney Peria graduated with her bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Child Development in December 2022. Courtney was involved in the Child Development Student Association for three semesters, serving as secretary the last semester. She has experience working with preschool-aged children focusing on sociology-emotional development and now works full-time for Victor Community Support Services and a Family Support Counselor. Here she strives to provide tools to children, adolescents, and families to support their mental and behavioral health needs. Courtney is currently applying to graduate programs with hopes to pursue a Masters in Social Work. 

Sierra Zaragoza graduated with a BA in Child Development and a minor in Special Education in Spring 2022. She graduated with Honors in the major where she participated and collaborated with Dr. Nenadal for 3 semesters. She is worked at the Boys and Girls Club at Paradise Junior High where she mentored, inspired, taught, played, and worked hard to positively change and impact the youth of our community.

Tori Thayer (coming soon)